Comprehensive safety study confirms long-term safety of Curcugen supplementation

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Preclinical study determines that long-term supplementation with Curcugen is safe.

A new preclinical study published in Biomedical Research International1 confirmed the long-term safety of Curcugen curcumin formulation (from Dolcas Biotech, LLC, based in Landing, NJ). The safety study used a standard series of in vitro and in vivo safety studies, in accordance with OECD guidelines, including the toxicological assessment of acute, oral, and 90-day repeated dosing.

Tests of acute oral toxicity on rats found a median lethal dose (LD50) of greater than 5,000mg/kg body weight of Curcugen. LD50 refers to the dose required to kill half the members of a test population after a specified test duration. Additionally, a sub chronic assessment of Curcugen, as administered to rats over 90 days, resulted in a no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) at a dose of 2,000mg/kg body weight/day. Moreover, the extract did not elicit any genotoxic or clastogenic effect in genotoxicity tests.


  1. Nirvanashetty S et al. "Safety evaluation of oleoresi-based turmeric formulation: Assessment of genotoxicity and acute and subchronic oral toxicity." Biomedical Research International, Published online ahead of print on March 31, 2022,