Clasado Biosciences announced seven new self-substantiated claims for Bimuno GOS in Australia and New Zealand


The seven claims bring the total self-substantiated claims submitted to FSANZ for Bimuno GOS to 29.

Image courtesy of Clasado Biosciences

Image courtesy of Clasado Biosciences

Clasado Biosciences (Reading, UK) has announced that it has secured seven self-substantiated food-health claims for its galactooligosaccharide (GOS) ingredient, Bimuno GOS, with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). The seven claims bring the total self-substantiated claims for Bimuno GOS to 29. The claims, submitted in collaboration with Pathway International, an exclusive distributor of the ingredient in Australia and New Zealand, include the following:

  • Benefits gut health in 7 days
  • Supports/aids/helps/assists/promotes/stimulates/restores/improves digestive wellbeing in 7 days
  • Supports/maintains a healthy digestive system in 7 days
  • Supports gut health in elite athletes
  • Supports immune health in elite athletes
  • May reduce the incidence and severity of mild gastrointestinal symptoms experienced by elite athletes
  • May reduce the duration of minor upper respiratory symptoms by 2 days in elite athletes

The claims, underpinned by scientific studies and clinical trials, can be used on food products containing Bimuno GOS. “The addition of seven new food-health relationship claims with FSANZ represents a significant step forward in our mission to offer the very best in gut health innovation, and a fantastic achievement for our team. Science and substantiated evidence are at the heart of everything we do, and that resonates with today’s consumer needs,” said Lucie Nagy, general counsel for Clasado Biosciences, in a press release. "As the science and regulation around prebiotics develops, there is significant opportunity on the table for health and nutrition brands in supporting gastrointestinal, immune, cognitive and athletic health. And, through the hard work of our regulatory team, formulators can access these claims for their own products."

"The rising recognition of the health advantages and remarkable stability of prebiotic fibres is driving their prominence in new product innovation, and we are delighted to supply Bimuno GOS to formulators across Australia and New Zealand that are seeking a scientifically backed functional core ingredient,” added Wayne Coote, found and managing director of Pathway International.

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