Citrus Extract Linked with Weight Loss in New Study


According to the company, this third clinical study once again supports Sinetrol's utility in promoting body-fat loss and improved body composition.

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Following up on two previous clinical studies attributing weight-loss benefits to a citrus extract with the polyphenolic profile of the Mediterranean diet, Fytexia SAS (Vendres, France)-makers of said extract, brand named Sinetrol-announced that a third clinical study once again supports its utility in promoting body-fat loss and improved body composition.

In the double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study-conducted at the University of Murcia, Spain, and not yet published-77 subjects aged 29 to 52 with a body-mass index (BMI) above 25 received either two 450-mg daily capsules of the citrus-fruit and –seed extract or the placebo equivalent for 16 weeks. After the supplementation period, researchers used dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA technology) to measure body-fat mass loss-the primary outcome-as well as secondary outcomes corresponding to changes in anthropometry and body composition. The researchers also measured modifications in rates of resting energy expenditure.

Results showed that after 16 weeks, the supplementation group achieved a body-fat mass reduction of 63% relative to their theoretical fat mass, and also saw their fat mass drop by 5.2% even as their lean mass rose by 1.4%. In fact, all anthropometric and body composition parameters-body weight, BMI, total lean mass, total fat mass, lean-to-fat mass ratio, index of central obesity (ICO) and waist and hip circumferences-improved significantly within the supplementation group by the end of the study period. Resting energy expenditure also significantly increased within this group. Meanwhile, no positive shifts emerged in the placebo population.

Writing in the report, the authors noted that “taken together, these results confirmed the weight management benefits of Sinetrol Xpur which is able to positively rebalance body composition by decreasing body-fat mass while significantly increasing lean mass; thereby improving the lean-to-fat mass ratio.”

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