Circulatory-Health Ingredient Fruitflow Exploring Powder Format for Dietary Supplements


Currently, products on the market have used Fruitflow in its syrup form.

UK firm Provexis says that focus is now fixed on developing a powder version of Fruitflow, a tomato-based ingredient Provexis developed that helps maintain healthy platelet aggregation and improve blood flow. Provexis says that a powder version would allow the ingredient to be formulated for tablet- and capsule-form dietary supplements. Currently, products on the market have used Fruitflow in its syrup form.

The company says the decision to develop Fruitflow powder stems from strong commercial interest from the supplements sector. DSM Nutritional Products (Parsippany, NJ), which currently licenses the Fruitflow trademark, is said to be currently developing tablet and capsule powder formats.

At the end of last year, Provexis says that a small-scale production run of Fruitflow powder was tested for bioavailability by Provexis’s lab at the University of Aberdeen. Moreover, in January of this year, an industrial-scale production of the powder was successfully completed.

In other news, Provexis says that it has identified a potential application for Fruitflow in the sports nutrition market and has developed a product that will launch in the UK this summer.

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