Is ChromaDex’s Caffeine Ingredient Longer-Lasting?


Purenergy is a combo of caffeine and pterostilbene.

ChromaDex Corp. (Irvine, CA) is introducing Purenergy caffeine and pterostilbene to the health food, beverage, and dietary supplement markets. The combination ingredient is crystalline in structure and may have advantages over straight caffeine.

Animal research suggests that Purenergy has a significantly greater half-life than pure caffeine, says ChromaDex. This could mean a more gradual finish and lower likelihood of caffeine crash. The inclusion of the company’s pTeroPure pterostilbene in the formula may also offer cardiovascular, antioxidant, and mental health benefit, too. The pterostilbene is nature-identical.

“There has been and will continue to be tremendous demand for caffeinated products across many markets, including energy, functional beverages, sports nutrition, and weight loss,” says ChromaDex CEO Frank Jaksch in a company press release. “We believe that Purenergy offers a responsible, next-generation alternative to heavy doses of caffeine. Purenergy balances the consumer’s desire to feel the effect of caffeine with the pressure consumer product companies are under to reduce caffeine levels in finished products.”

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