Charles Ross Offers Multi-Shaft Mixers

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The Ross VersaMix multi-shaft mixers are available in sizes up to a 4000-gallon capacity.

Charles Ross & Son Company (Hauppage, NY) is now offering multi-shaft mixers. Designed for high-purity and sanitary applications, the Ross VersaMix multi-shaft mixers are available in standard sizes up to a 4000-gallon capacity and are appropriate for pastes, gels, and suspensions with viscosities up to several hundred thousand centipoise.

The mixers also feature customizable agitators, full-recovery vacuum systems, touchscreen recipe controls, dry-running mechanical seals, and CIP spray nozzles. 

Pictured above is a 1000-gallon VersaMix machine, which is rated for 28”Hg vacuum up to 14 psi internal pressure at 275 °F. The mixer includes a hydraulic lift to raise and lower the agitators, made from a three-wing anchor, dual propeller, and powder induction rotor mixer. Sight ports, level sensors, a transfer pump, temperature probes, and a load-cell system are also supplied on the machine.


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