Cargill Launches Non-GMO Version of Shelf-Stable Omega-3 Oil


Cargill's IngreVita EPA/DHA omega-3 oil takes a turn into non-GMO territory.

Cargill’s (Minneapolis) 2014-launched IngreVita EPA/DHA omega-3 oil has taken a turn into non-GMO territory. At the Natural Products Expo West trade show, the company unveiled a non-GMO version of the oil, which serves as a drop-in oil replacement in omega-3-enhanced functional foods such as breads, crackers, salad dressing, beverages, and dairy products.

The original IngreVita oil blends long-chain EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids with “proprietary” antioxidants and canola oil. This latest non-GMO version, IngreVita HO Sun, substitutes non-GMO high-oleic sunflower seed oil in place of the canola oil.

Both versions of the oil are shelf-stable, allowing products to be stored at ambient conditions. They are sensory neutral, imparting no fishy taste or smell on functional foods and beverages, the company says, adding that the oils are a cost-effective, drop-in replacement for a portion of existing oil in products.


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