Capsaicinoids May Reduce Appetite, Body Circumference, Study Suggests


OmniActive Health Technologies shares new study results on the weight-management benefits of its Capsimax ingredient.

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OmniActive Health Technologies (Morristown, NJ) has shared new study results suggesting its Capsimax ingredient, a capsicum extract from red chili peppers, offers benefits to appetite suppressions as well as waist and hip circumference. The study results were shared at the recent Experimental Biology conference in San Diego, with an abstract published online in The FASEB Journal.

For 12 weeks, 77 healthy men and women with a mean age of 29.6 years were randomized to ingest either 2 mg Capsimax, 4 mg Capsimax, or a placebo once daily with water after breakfast. Researchers measured participant waist and hip circumference at baseline, 6 weeks after beginning treatment, and 12 weeks after beginning treatment. Participants also reported appetite levels via the Council on Nutrition appetite questionnaire.

In the group consuming 2 mg of Capsimax, researchers found that waist-to-hip ratio measurements showed a main effect for time with post-hoc tests indicating a significant decrease from baseline to six weeks after baseline. Appetite questionnaire responses also indicated a significant main effect for time from baseline to six weeks and baseline to twelve weeks, suggesting Capsimax supplementation reduced appetite, researchers noted. Neither Capsimax group presented with significant changes to clinical blood safety markers.

“These findings show evidence to support that the dietary supplementation of [Capsimax] has beneficial effects on anthropometric parameters (waist and hip circumferences) and appetite suppression,” researchers concluded. “Overall changes in the [Council on Nutrition appetite questionnaires] suggest [Capsimax] is an effective appetite suppressant supported by the significant reduction in total caloric intake over 12 weeks.”

Researchers also noted that further studies should investigate Capsimax’s impact on other metabolic factors.


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine


Urbina S.L. et al., “Capsaicinoids supplementation reduces appetite and body circumferences in healthy men and women: a placebo controlled randomized double blind study,” The FASEB Journal, vol. 30, no. 1, suppl. lb356 (April 2016)

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