Brand awareness growing for Nutrition 21’s Velositol and Nitrosigine ingredients based on survey data from prominent fitness magazine


Brand awareness survey reveals high level of awareness for Nutrition 21 fitness brands following advertising campaigns in men's fitness magazines. 

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Nutrition 21 (Purchase, NY) has released the results of its new brand awareness survey conducted by American Media Inc. (AMI), which publishes the popular men’s fitness magazines Muscle & Fitness and Flex. Nutrition 21 has been promoting its ingredients Nitrosigine and Velositol through AMI’s platform via print and digital advertising.

Results from the survey showed that there was a high level of awareness of both ingredients among AMI readers. Specifically, Nitrosigine, the company’s nitric oxide–boosting ingredient, received an 85% brand awareness rating. Velositol, which enhances the effects of protein on muscle protein synthesis, received an 89% brand awareness rating. In addition, the ingredients are also viewed favorably, with Nitrosigine getting an 81% favorable view and Velositol getting an 85% favorable view.

“We pride ourselves on developing proprietary ingredients that are efficacious, experiential, and safe for the consumer,” said Joe Weiss, president of Nutrition 21, in a press release. “Educating consumers is a critical part of our marketing strategy, as they need to understand what our ingredients do to inform their purchasing decisions. Our consistent presence in AMI’s publications has helped us establish strong awareness with consumers, which in turn has greatly increased brand acceptance of our products. To that end, Nutrition 21 partners have successfully launched over 50 new products containing Nitrosigine and Velositol this year.”

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