Bioiberica to promote collagen education and innovation at Vitafoods 2023


In addition to talking about collagen, the company will discuss its other branded ingredients like Dermial for skin health and DAOgest for digestive health.

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At the Vitafoods Europe trade show taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 9-12 (Booth F130), Bioiberica (Barcelona, Spain) will share insights it gathered from “The Collagen Symposium” event it recently held at its Barcelona headquarters this past March to discuss trends shaping the collagen market.

According to the company, more education is needed around collagen—for instance, to teach the market the differences between hydrolyzed and native collagen. “The collagen market is booming, and joint health is one of the fastest-growing segments. But with this heightened interest comes an increasing need for clarity and education,” said Antonio Vendrell, marketing director, Bioiberica, in a press release. “Many consumers and brand owners still don’t fully understand the key differences between hydrolyzed and native collagen. Although both are classed as ‘collagen,’ they are very different in terms of their mechanism of action and required dosage.”

In addition to discussing collagen at Vitafoods, Bioiberica will showcase its other ingredients like mobility ingredients Collavant n2 (native, undenatured type II collagen) and Mobilee (a hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient); skin health ingredient Dermial; and diamine oxidase (DAO) enzyme ingredient DAOgest, which improves histamine digestion.

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