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Finding a point of difference in the evolving collagen supplements market
Native type II. Hydrolysed. Undenatured. There's a variety of different collagen products available on the market – but how do they differ? And more importantly, how do they help formulators respond to growing demand in the mobility market?

Our latest white paper distinguishes between the different types of collagen, their mechanism of action within the body and dosage requirement and evidences the efficacy of native type II collagen at low doses.

Demystifying collagen for joint health
Get a copy of our latest infographic to understand how collagen is driving growth across the category, the different forms of collagen products available, the role of the immune system in joint health and why native (undenatured) type II collagen is especially effective in supporting mobility.

The next big move in joint health
Discover a new generation of collagen. With a unique mechanism of action, low dosage, and scientifically-backed results in supporting joint health, Bioiberica presents b-2cool® – supplying native type II collagen.

Uncover the future of collagen. Discover b-2cool® .