Bioiberica expands global presence with new strategic partnerships


Bioiberica cements its position in Europe by partnering with Faes Farma, and expands to Mexico and Latin America by partnering with IFA Celtics.

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Bioiberica (Barcelona, Spain) has announced two strategic partnerships in the mobility space. The company has entered a new partnership with IFA Celtics in Mexico and Latin America, and continuing its partnership with Faes Farma in Spain and Europe. Its collaboration with IFA Celtics has led to the development of Hialoflex, a product that combines two branded Bioiberica ingredients: Collavent n20 (40 mg), an undenatured type 2 collagen, and Mobilee (80 mg), a hyaluronic acid matrix. This product launched in Mexico in May of 2023, and according to Bioiberica, was the first time the blend was leveraged in that country.

“As a trusted brand that serves many physicians – who are key stakeholders in the local market – it’s important for us to have confidence in the ingredients we choose for our finished products. Quality, science, and safety always guide our decisions, and that’s exactly why we chose Bioiberica’s Collavant n2 and Mobilee solutions,” said Dr. Julio H. Morfin, medical director at IFA Celtics, in a press release. “But we didn’t team up with the company for its ingredient offering alone. A renowned name in the joint health sector, with 20-plus years of experience in the field, our collaboration saw us benefit from the support of Bioiberica’s experienced marketing and technical teams, 360-degree view of the landscape and expert-led training sessions.”

Faes Farma, for its part, utilized Bioiberica’s Collavent n2 in its Vitanatur Multicollagen capsules, which were also launched in May of 2023. The product consists of 40 mg of Collavent n2, eggshell membrane (containing type I, V and X collagen), hyaluronic acid, magnesium, as well as vitamins C, K2 and D3 to deliver support to joints, bones, and skin.

“We’re experts in collagen. However, bringing a new product to market is never risk-free, especially in a fast-growing and competitive landscape, like the mobility arena,” stated Marina Escudero Garcia, product manager healthcare & consumer at Faes Farma, in a press release. “With Bioiberica’s support and understanding of the local market, we were able to develop and launch Vitanatur Multicollagen with speed, ease and confidence.”

“We strongly believe that strategic alliances are the powerhouse of transformative progress in the human health industry – including the joint health and mobility space,” offered Joan Bassa, human health director of Bioiberica. “We aim to empower the healthcare evolution by supporting our growing network of valued partners with research and insights to propel innovation. Our most recent alliances with IFA Celtics and Faes Farma – two leading-edge companies in their respective markets – is just another example of how we’re championing collaboration to drive change in the category.”

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