Bioenergy Life Science says new RiaGev-SR ingredient is the first NAD booster in a sustained-release format


The ingredient provides Bioenergy’s clinically proven RiaGev NAD booster in a unique, wax-matrix form that slowly releases nutrients.

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Bioenergy Life Sciences (Minneapolis) has introduced a sustained-release version of its RiaGev ingredient. RiaGev, a proprietary combination of Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide, has been clinically shown to increase levels of NAD, ATP, and glutathione, providing benefits for cellular health and healthy aging. In addition, studies have shown it can also improve a user’s overall energy, sleep, and blood sugar control, the firm says.

The new sustained-release version, RiaGev-SR, is delivered “in a unique, wax-matrix format that mimics food digestion by releasing nutrients in a slow and steady manner,” for over six to eight hours, the firm’s press release states. “This wax matrix solves problems typically associated with other sustained-release technologies.”

One of the problems other sustained-release solutions can pose is “dose dumping,” in which a delivery system that is supposed to provide sustained release can actually fail and unpredictably release a large amount of ingredient instead of releasing it slowly. The company says RiaGev-SR’s hydrophobic vegetable wax matrix provides superior stability in the acidic environment of the upper intestine and in the presence of body temperature, preventing early release.

“We can replicate batch-to-batch extended-release nicotinic acid dissolution profiles with our vegetable wax matrix technology. By contrast, conventional extended-release nicotinic acid tablets rely on a swelling agent such as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) that absorbs moisture to form a water-soluble matrix that releases nicotinic acid as the tablet erodes,” said Joe Brunner, vice president of operations for Innovite Inc. (Sherwood, OR), the custom-supplement manufacturing company that developed the vegetable wax matrix technology, in a press release. “However, irregular tablet erosion can lead to an unexpected release of nicotinic acid (dose dumping) and is associated with side effects, including skin flushing.”

“We call RiaGev-SR the ‘next-generation NAD booster’ because it enables brands to set themselves apart from the competition,” added Michael Crabtree, ND, the company’s director of scientific affairs, in the press release. “It is much more consumer friendly, easy to digest, and doesn’t cause the known side effects, such as flushing, associated with other NAD precursors.”

The vegetable wax matrix coating also does not contain any undesirable coating ingredients, the company says. “Since the process results in a smooth glaze, no additional coating ingredients, such as sugars, starches, or artificial colors, are needed,” the press release adds. It also may offer better absorption because, unlike methylcellulose, the vegetable wax matrix releases its active ingredients in the gut. RiaGev-SR is currently available in bulk tablet form and contains a 760-mg dose of RiaGev.

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