BGG announces new global headquarters in Switzerland as part of international expansion efforts


BGG has established new headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, managed by newly appointed CEO Jürgen Nelis.

New BGG World CEO, Jürgen Nelis.

New BGG World CEO, Jürgen Nelis.

The prominent Chinese supplier of branded nutraceutical ingredients, BGG, has established a new global headquarters in Switzerland as part of a major restructuring plan. Out of the new HQ in Basel, the company will operate as BGG World, with Jürgen Nelis as the newly appointed CEO and Thomas Adler as the global commercial director, who will spearhead the company’s international corporate strategy.

According to the company, the new HQ is a major step in BGG’s global expansion efforts. By centralizing international functions in Switzerland, says BGG, they are able to streamline operations, meeting customers’ needs more efficiently and enhancing risk mitigation within the global supply chain.

“As we internationalize our organizational structure and operating model, we will be investing heavily in our commercial organization,” said Nellis, in a press release. “We are currently hiring several sales managers in Europe and the US, and by doing so we will more than double our customer-facing resources in these key markets. At the same time, BGG will continue to invest in its asset base and in human clinical trials for its core products.”

“We strongly believe that our three leading technology platforms – botanical extraction, enzymatic conversion, and micro-algae farming – combined with continuous investment in clinical trials, will provide our customers with high-value, sustainable business potential for the long-term future,” added BGG’s founder and principal shareholder, Chunhua Li.

Additionally, BGG has announced plans to diversify its food ingredients sector, beginning with its existing stevia and licorice extract solutions, and intends to broaden its product offerings.

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