Berg Nutrition brings a new native type II collagen source to market


Berg Nutrition is bringing a new native type II collagen option to the U.S. market with branded b-2Cool, manufactured by the Barcelona-based Bioiberica. 


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Berg Nutrition (Ann Arbor, MI) is bringing a new native type II collagen option to the U.S. market with branded b-2Cool, manufactured by the Barcelona-based Bioiberica. “Having another source allows brands into the market that have so far shied away from using native type II collagen in their formulas,” said Cai Berg, owner and president of Berg Nutrition, to Nutritional Outlook. “Furthermore, the competition has reduced the cost to finished product brands.”

The native type II collagen, sourced from chicken sternum, works with the body’s immune system to turn off T-cell attacks to endogenous type II collagen in the body, reducing the destruction of collagen. This mechanism of action is called oral tolerance. Damage to joint cartilage is often exacerbated when the immune system misinterprets degraded joint cartilage as a foreign substance rather than endogenous tissue. At a low dose of 40 mg, b-2Cool has a structure that mimics joint cartilage so that the immune system learns to recognize the body’s own collagen as endogenous.

Compared to type II collagen designed for the nutricosmetic market, b-2Cool has a higher molecular weight, explained Berg. “Collagens for antiaging and beauty are typically hydrolyzed collagens, meaning that the collagen molecule is cut up into very small pieces, thus the lower molecular weight,” said Berg. “Small molecules are very easily broken down and absorbed by the body. Native type II collagen, which is extracted to maintain a very high molecular weight, is not meant to be absorbed by the body. Instead, this very special molecule interacts with special parts of our immune system to help reduce joint irritation.”

The ingredient currently has two clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy, the company says. One, a human randomized controlled trial1 showed that b-2Cool, when combined with acetaminophen, an over-the-counter analgesic, was significantly more effective at reducing joint pain, improving joint function, and improving quality of life, compared to acetaminophen alone. 


1. Bakilan F et al. “Effects of native type II collagen treatment on knee osteoarthritic: a randomized controlled trial.” Eurasian Journal of Medicine, vol. 48, no. 2 (2016): 95-101

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