At-home cardiometabolic test launches from CardioMetaboliQ


The company says its new test offers the only at-home cardiometabolic test for fatty liver index.

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A company called CardioMetaboliQ is now offering at-home cardiometabolic tests, including what the company says is the first at-home cardiometabolic test for fatty liver index. The company says the tests are suited not only for people currently managing metabolic issues but also those who are in good health and looking to proactively track their metabolic health.

The test’s biggest appeal is to “all those that are carrying extra weight, not exercising as much as they should, and are a bit stressed. The CardioMetaboliQ test provides an extensive safety check and provides an ‘owner’s manual,’ showing them in a clear and relatable way where they can focus to get the greatest return on their health investment,” the company’s press release states. “This is quite important because metabolic diseases begin silently with insulin resistance, often years before any further signs appear.”

The at-home test comprises a finger-prick blood test, which users complete and then mail back to the company. The company will then generate a report that analyzes the user’s cardiometabolic status based on more than 16 advanced cardiovascular, hepatic (liver), and metabolic biomarkers like inflammation, fatty liver index, anthropometric insulin resistance, hemoglobin A1C, visceral fat, fasting glucose, liver function, oxidative stress, and more.

In addition to receiving their results, users are also sent a personalized 12-page CardioMetaboliQ Health Report which includes suggestions for how people can improve their wellness through nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and the company’s own line of nutritional supplements.

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