Arla Foods launches new alpha-lactalbumin ingredient designed for low-protein infant formulas


As low-protein infant formulas gain demand, Arla’s new Lacprodan Alpha-50 offers an ingredient that is high in nutritional quality and lower in protein, the firm says.

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Arla Foods Ingredients (Viby J, Denmark) has introduced a new alpha-lactalbumin–rich ingredient especially designed for low-protein infant formulas. According to the company, demand is growing for lower-protein infant formulas.

“Multiple studies have shown that high protein intake during infancy accelerates weight gain, increasing the risk of obesity in later life. Driven by such evidence, and regulatory changes, the protein content of infant formula has gradually fallen in many countries,” the firm’s press release states.

The company says one ingredient that can help infant formula manufacturers lower protein content but retain high nutritional quality is to use alpha-lactalbumin, the whey protein found in human milk that is rich in essential amino acids and high in other amino acids, it says. Typically, standard infant formulas contain lower levels of alpha-lactalbumin, it adds.

The new Lacprodan Alpha-50 ingredient offers a protein content of which 90% is alpha-lactalbumin, which the company says “means smaller dosages can be used to reach a level similar to that of human milk.” Lacprodan Alpha-50 can also be combined with other functional ingredients such as Arla’s Lacprodan MFGM-10 milk fat globule membrane ingredient.

“Lacprodan Alpha-50 offers solutions to two big challenges facing formula manufacturers,” said Lone Strøm, head of pediatric sales development at Arla Foods Ingredients, in a press release. “Its high alpha-lactalbumin content allows the creation of products that are lower in protein, demand for which is growing because of concerns about obesity. And because it delivers considerable amounts of essential amino acids, even at a low dosage, it is easily combined with other ingredients that are sought after in formula.”

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