Algatechnologies Ltd. has introduced a whole-food microalgae ingredient


Algatechnologies Ltd. has introduced a new clean-label, whole-algae complex called AstaPure Arava.


Haematococcus Pluvialis Photo © 

Algatechnologies Ltd. (Kibbutz Ketura, Israel) has introduced a new clean-label, whole-algae complex called AstaPure Arava. New research suggests that this whole-food form of Haematococcus Pluvialis, a microalgae known to be rich in astaxanthin, has synergistic effects between its astaxanthin and other naturally-occurring constituents found in the whole-algae complex.

“In the study, we found complex, highly potent and synergistic effects across multiple parameters,” explains the study’s researcher Gitte Jensen, Ph.D., head of NIS Labs, in a press release. “This newly discovered biological activity was shown to positively trigger immediate immune responses as well as biomarkers involved in reparative and regenerative functions. These positive effects were observed even in the cell mitochondria.”

Algatechnologies' algae is the result of a proprietary technology that mimics the microalgae habitat and natural biological processes. It is cultivated organically, and exposed to the harsh desert climate, stimulating the microalgae to produce high levels of active compounds, says the company.

“The astaxanthin ingredient in our AstaPure Arava whole-algae product complements the high- value omega oils, fibers, proteins, vitamins, and phospholipids that are inherent in this unique strain of microalgae, bringing the consumer all the powerful health benefits of astaxanthin by the most holistic means, and closest to its natural form,” says Efrat Kat, vice president of global sales for Algatechnologies Ltd., in a press release.

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