Algatech Acquires Majority Stake in Algae Producer Supreme Health


Algatech said that this investment will enable it to supply China and the Asia-Pacific markets with more astaxanthin and other algae-based products, including Supreme’s Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae strain.

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Algae ingredients supplier Algatechnologies Ltd. (“Algatech;” Kibbutz Ketura, Israel) is now the majority shareholder in New Zealand-based algae producer Supreme Health Ltd. (Auckland, New Zealand). Algatech said that this investment will enable it to supply China and the Asia-Pacific markets with more astaxanthin and other algae-based products, including Supreme’s unique Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae strain.

In a press statement from Algatech, the company said that Supreme’s industry recognition for its natural astaxanthin, as well as its “cutting-edge science” and well-established marketing channels in China, New Zealand, and Australia, make the investment especially beneficial for Algatech. Under the terms of this partnership, Supreme’s microalgae ingredients for food, dietary supplement, and cosmetic industries will now also be available to Algatech customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular emphasis on China.

Hagai Stadler, CEO, Algatech, explained in the press release that the partnership will help the company meet increasing consumer demand for algae ingredients in the Asia-Pacific region. “This investment is in line with our core strategy to expand the potential of microalgae-derived products, especially natural astaxanthin, which is our key ingredient,” he said. “Collaborating with Supreme allows us to increase our service of Asia-Pacific, especially in China. We identified a rapidly growing interest in those regions for quality astaxanthin and other quality algae-delivered products.”

Algatech, for its part, offers a breadth of industry knowledge, including its science and microalgae cultivation techniques that will “leverage the capabilities” of Supreme’s algae business.

Kerry Paul, CEO, Supreme, said of the partnership: “Securing this partnership with Algatechnologies places us at the forefront of micro-algal production globally, and helps us to build a global sales and distribution capabilities. Products derived from microalgae produced in a sustainable system are on-trend and supported by strong scientific research. The key bioactives in microalgae show increased efficacy in higher concentrations.”

Ed Hofland, chairman, Algatech, added: “We believe that the synergy between companies, together with Mr. Paul’s wide experience and proven track record, will help Supreme to become a major player in the global market.” As part of the partnership, Hofland will serve as Supreme’s president.

Algatech’s AstaPure astaxanthin ingredient portfolio includes several forms of astaxanthin, including oleoresin, beadlets, powders, capsules, and more. Supreme’s AstaNZ ingredient, meanwhile, is featured in a range of the company’s dietary supplements targeted at specific health benefits-for example, joint health and immune support, among others. In addition, it offers Astas True Radiance, a program that includes a serum, moisturizer, and capsules with benefits for skin health.



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