AlgaeHealth Submits NDI for “Industry's First” 24-mg Astaxanthin Dose


The New Dietary Ingredient notification for Algae Health Sciences’ AstaZine natural astaxanthin is the first in the industry to exceed a dosage of 12 mg per day, the firm says.

Photo © Nehring

Photo © Nehring

Algae Health Sciences (AlgaeHealth; Irvine, CA), a subsidiary of BGG, announced today it has submitted a new New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification to FDA for the industry’s highest astaxanthin dose. The NDI covers AlgaeHealth’s AstaZine natural astaxanthin for daily dosages up to 24 mg/day for a period of 30 days-making it the first astaxanthin NDI dosage to exceed 12 mg/day, according to AlgaeHealth.

“Based on published studies, we generally recommend a dosage of 4–12 mg per day over longer periods; however, we are aware that a growing number of people are voluntarily dosing at well over the 12-mg upper dosage range,” said Lixin Ding, PhD, chief operation officer of AlgaeHealth, in a press announcement. “In particular, many athletes report that they get better results in the 24-mg-per-day dosage range.”

While many of the studies on astaxanthin have found health benefits at dosages between 2 mg and 12 mg, there has been some research that’s found positive effects for dosages above 12 mg/day, including human studies for cardiovascular health benefits, according to AlgaeHealth.

Joe Huff, CEO of AlgaeHealth’s North American operation, explained that there are still other reasons why a 24-mg dosage might be an effective option. For one, new astaxanthin users may benefit from the higher dosage during a “loading phase” for their first 30 days of supplementation to allow the ingredient to concentrate throughout the body. Or, he said, athletes may find it useful to take a higher dosage during the weeks leading up to an important athletic event.

“While we would have preferred not to have the 30-day stipulation, we’re nevertheless happy to have something new to offer in the U.S. market,” Huff said. “We’re always thinking of ways to innovate and wanted to give the market a new option regarding dosage.”


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