Algae Omega-3 Supplier Sees First Commercial Launch


Qualitas has been studying the stability of its algal oil compared to that of krill oil.

Algae supplier Qualitas (Imperial, TX) announced launch of the first commercial products featuring its EPA-rich, algae-derived Almega PL omega-3 ingredient. This is a milestone for the company, which spent the last 18 months transitioning from the R&D stage to commercial production.

The new products featuring Almega PL are a supplement from doctor-brand Healthy Directions, marketed as a 100%-vegetarian omega-3 oil for heart health, mood, and general well-being, and the Veggie Omega-3+ supplement from Rejuvenation Science Labs, which contains Almega PL, algal DHA, and astaxanthin. The brands point to Almega PL’s higher bioavailability, with Healthy Directions stating that “Almega PL’s high bioavailability comes from its unique molecular structure of phospholipids and glycolipids. In fact, it’s suggested that glycolipids, which are not found in krill, are more effective than phospholipids at delivering EPA into the cells.”

Qualitas has been studying the stability of its algal oil compared to that of krill oil. Earlier this year, the company reported superior stability of its ingredient, thanks to the ingredient’s unique polar-lipid structure, combination of phospholipids and glycolipids, and the presence of naturally occurring zeaxanthin and carotenoids in algae.

The company is now opening Almega PL production from Nannochloropsis oculata algae to the rest of the supplements industry. “Qualitas Health has emerged as the first company manufacturing omega-3 nutrition ingredients using phototropic algae technology to successfully commercialize,” the company said via press release. It also proposes blending Almega PL with other algae ingredients “to create a vegetarian and sustainable alternative to fish or krill oils.”

This summer, the company also announced it filed a new dietary ingredient (NDI) notification for Almega PL.


Jennifer Grebow
Nutritional Outlook magazine



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