Ken Kessler

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Ken Kessler is an executive vice president with HUB International in Los Angeles. He has more than 45 years of insurance brokerage and consulting experience, and is nationally recognized for his expertise in the meat, food processing/distribution, and environmental industries. Currently, Kessler is chief marketing officer for the L.A. Campus. Before joining HUB International, Kessler served as president of Sander A. Kessler & Associates, one of the leading brokers in the Southern California marketplace. He had a broad range of responsibilities, including managing top-level insurance carrier relationships and overseeing sales and marketing. HUB acquired Kessler in 2011. Ken has a vast knowledge of workers’ compensation and is a member of HUB‘s new California Risk Management Practice Group, which will advise on loss-sensitive programs as well as other programs. He is an active participant on national advisory councils for major carriers. He has taught classes in workers’ compensation, written articles about risk-management issues, spoken at various trade associations, and taught classes for CPAs and attorneys.


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