Work for the Greener Earth: AHB will highlight its bio-based L-Malic Acid and other new products at July's IFT show in Chicago.


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Anhui Huaheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.(AHB) is a well-known enterprise specializing in research and development of biotechnology and the production of bio-based materials. The company’s main products include L-Malic Acid, Inositol, Calcium D-Pantothenate, Alanine series and other bio-based materials. AHB persists in the concept of green environmental protection and is committed to green production while helping customers achieve low-carbon and sustainable development.

Mother Nature urgently needs our care and protection. Facing the challenges that we need to deal with together, AHB plays a crucial role in promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy. The bio-based L-Malic Acid produced by AHB through fermentation fits the consumers' low-carbon consumption philosophy perfectly. It plays a huge role in improving the carbon footprint for each customer that they service.

L-Malic Acid is found in various fruits such as apples and pears. AHB produces their material naturally through a fermentation process. While having important physiological functions, L-Malic Acid can be easily absorbed by humans and is an important intermediate in the internal circulation of the human body. Unlike D-Malic Acid, which cannot be absorbed by the human body, L-Malic Acid is an essential organic acid and an ideal low calorie food additive. This product has a long-lasting and soft taste, it is widely used in the fields of beverages, candies, and other food products. Due to its unique functionality, it can also be applied in industrial fields such as pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, and feeds. AHB offers their customers technical support and corresponding application solutions in these areas.

AHB is proud to work together with all of their partners and customers that take social responsibility to the next level while helping combat climate change. In doing so, they provide the best products, nourish people's health and contribute to restoring nature.

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