Witholytin®: Ashwagandha with Integrity



Webinar Date/Time: Wed, Dec 13, 2023 11:00 AM EST

New research on Witholytin® ashwagandha extract has been found to positively impact fatigue and stress in healthy men and women over 12-weeks with a low daily dose of 200 mg twice per day. Learn more about the latest research & importance of botanical integrity for this trending extract.

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Event Overview:

Ashwagandha has gained a lot of mainstream attention and with that, this ancient botanical continues to see increased consumer demand. How do you deliver an ashwagandha with integrity? Join esteemed researcher, Dr. Stephen Smith as he discusses the most recent Witholytin® published clinical findings and an introduction to the importance of clean label ashwagandha extracts by Elan Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs.
Learn about:

  • New research supporting Witholytin® including key outcomes for energy, stress, and impacts to men and women
  • Ashwagandha botanical integrity

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Disseminate the most recent clinical publication on Witholyin® ashwagandha extract
  • Understand the importance of a clean label, clinically studied ashwagandha supporting energy, stress, and impacts on men and women
  • Learn about botanical integrity, Alkemist Assured™ and the importance of clean label ashwagandha extracts

Who Should Attend:

  • R&D
  • Product Development/Formulators
  • Product Category Specialists
  • Marketing/Creative


Dr. Stephen Smith, BSc, MAHP, PhD
Research Manager
Clinical Research Australia

Dr. Stephen Smith is the research manager at Clinical Research Australia, a contract research organization based in Perth, Western Australia. He specializes in the areas of endocrinology, exercise physiology, nutritional supplementation, and men’s health. Dr. Smith regularly publishes in peer-reviewed, high-impact scientific journals and has authored several books on weight loss, type 2 diabetes, and bodybuilding. He has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years and speaks at industry conventions and corporate events. Dr Smith recently conducted a clinical trial published in the prestigious Journal of Psychopharmacology on a branded ashwagandha, Witholytin®.

Élan M. Sudberg
Alkemist Labs

Élan M. Sudberg is CEO of Alkemist Labs, a passionately committed contract testing laboratory specializing in plant authentication, botanical ingredient identification and quantitative analytical services to the food & beverage, nutraceutical, and psychedelic industries. He holds a degree in chemistry from California State University Long Beach, and has authored numerous articles on phytochemistry and analytical techniques for the natural products and nutraceutical industry. Elan is on the executive committee of the AHPA board, on the AHPA Education and Research on Botanicals Foundation board, was founding chair of the Cannabis Committee, and chairs the AHPA Psychedelic Plants & Fungi Committee.

Register Free: https://www.nutritionaloutlook.com/no/ashwagandha-with-integrity

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