White Bean Extract Lowers Weight and Cravings in Human Study


PhaseLite is a patented extract of Phaseolus vulgaris.

In the longest human study on PhaseLite, the white kidney bean extract shows potential for lowering body fat and reducing food cravings. Ingredient distributor Pharmachem (Kearny, NJ) says its findings, now published in the journal Obesity, give new insight into how the ingredient may lower body weight.

For 12 weeks, 123 subjects supplemented with PhaseLite or a placebo daily. Those consuming the bean extract incurred more weight loss and higher reductions in body fat mass and waist circumference, meaning the weight loss was due to loss of fat and not muscles. A complementary eating questionnaire indicated that PhaseLite users had less desire to eat and less craving for sweets.

By monitoring all subjects for 24 weeks, the researchers determined that a majority of PhaseLite users (74%) maintained their new body weight for an additional 12 weeks.

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