Whey Yogurt Solution Combines Smooth Texture with High Protein Content


Arla Foods Ingredients announces a new Nutrilac whey protein solution for drinkable sports yogurts.

When it comes to drinkable yogurts for sports nutrition, the challenge for manufacturers can often be balancing high protein content with a pleasant texture and taste.

“A rule of thumb with yogurt production is that the more protein you add, the more viscous the yogurt becomes,” says Ulrik Toft Hansen, dairy application specialist, Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI; Viby J, Denmark).

AFI has developed a new whey protein solution in its Nutrilac line that Hansen describes as a “texture disrupter.” The Nutrilac solution is designed primarily for use in ready-to-drink drinkable yogurts, which are similar to regular stirred yogurts with the exception of being thinner in texture, says Hansen.

The ingredient combines 28 g of whey protein per serving with a formula that “makes it difficult for the other proteins in the yogurt to create a network that will cause thickening,” Hansen claims.

The Nutrilac whey protein solution is intended for use in drinkable sports yogurts in a variety of flavors and could be packaged in bottles or pouches. According to a press release from AFI, the Nutrilac solution is formulated with a carbohydrate-to-protein ratio of 1:1, which AFI believes is an ideal balance to “optimize and accelerate the recovery process.” Hansen compares Nutrilac’s 28 g of protein per serving with the 7.5 g of protein per serving he says are in standard drinking yogurts on the market today.

“The number of people participating in sports is rocketing, but many are put off using traditional sports nutrition products because they don’t like their taste and texture,” said Torben Jensen, category manager, functional dairy products, Arla Foods Ingredients, in a press release. “Our Nutrilac protein solution for sports yogurts provides a real alternative that makes high-protein products much more approachable for active consumers.”


Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook magazine


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