What Products is Ganeden BC30 In Now?


Every year, Ganeden gets its probiotic in tons of new products. Take a look at this year's.

It would be tough to list every product application that exists for Ganeden BC30, but the patented probiotic was featured in enough new products at this year’s Natural Products Expo West to give customers a sense of the opportunities.

Ganeden Biotech (Cleveland) showcased its friendly bacteria in commercially available bars, meal replacement powders, yogurt products, instant coffee cups, and cereals. Ganeden BC30 even found a place in cold-pressed juice, marking what Ganeden senior vice president Michael Bush says is the first probiotic to survive under high-pressure pasteurization (HPP).

A curious theme of the new launches seems to be their lean toward marketing phrases like “active cultures” or “live cultures,” and less towards “probiotic.” In Europe, manufacturers are not allowed to market products labeled with “probiotic”-regulators say it’s an implied health claim-but perhaps language based around “cultures” is more universally familiar to consumers.

Interested manufacturers should consult with Ganeden Biotech about launching Ganeden BC30 products, and chances are the company can fit most every product application. So far, the only limitation for formulating with the probiotic seems to be in shelf-stable beverages. And the company is probably working to fix that.

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