Webcast on Prebiotic Fiber and Bone Health


Learn about a "ground-breaking" study on prebiotic fiber and bone health during tomorrow's free webcast.

Beyond their ability to stimulate good bacteria in the gut, prebiotic fibers likely benefit more than just digestive health. Recent studies on select prebiotic fibers suggest their potential to increase absorption of calcium and perhaps other minerals in the human body. Ingredion Inc. (Westchester, IL) says it now has its own “ground-breaking” research that connects its NUTRAFLORA fiber to bone health. The company will unveil all the details during a free webcast on NUTRAFLORA and bone health this Wednesday.

NUTRAFLORA is a prebiotic fiber derived from beet or cane sugar, and it is composed of fructooligosaccharides, which are well-studied prebiotic ingredients. Once consumed, the ingredient makes its way to the colon where it produces short-chain fatty acids, and it is here where the ingredient may have an added benefit on bone health.

Learn about Ingredion’s latest findings and about how to market and formulate with the company's fiber during Wednesday’s webcast, hosted by Nutritional Outlook. Registration for the event is free.

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