Vitiva Rosemary Extracts Meet EU Antioxidant Directives


VivOx, INOLENS, and SyneROX rosemary extracts are now in line with the EU directives.

Vitiva (Markovci, Slovenia) has announced that its branded rosemary extracts-VivOx, INOLENS, and SyneROX-are now in compliant with EU directives (2010/67/EU and 2010/69/EU) on rosemary purity and application ranges as antioxidants.

Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva, had this to say about the implications of rosemary being recognized by the EU as a standardized antioxidant:


“Adding rosemary extract to approved food additives in the antioxidant category significantly expands the horizons of its use and brings the benefits of this natural and potent ingredient to a wide EU audience, which is in constant quest for friendly label products with a natural image. The long-awaited move of the EU legislation community to accept carnosic acid and carnosol-based rosemary extract as a safe natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants, will allow food manufacturers to significantly expand their food portfolio by launching high quality and innovative products with a natural image. Now that our customers are finally able to complete important projects and launch new products with our extensive oxidation management systems, I anticipate a large number of new product launches in Europe during 2011."


More information on the company’s rosemary extracts and their applications can be found here.

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