Verdure Sciences Product Boosts Bone Mineral Density


Forty women participated in a 26-week trial on Calzbone.

Verdure Sciences (Noblesville, IN) reports that its proprietary extract Calzbone improved bone mineral density in a 26-week clinical trial on 40 middle-aged women.

Published in the journal The Antiseptic, the study used three daily doses of 250 mg of Calzbone, Verdure Science’s natural composition of phytohormones, phytosterols, calcium, and vitamin D from the Ayurvedic Cissus quadrangularis plant. According to the company, women supplementing with Calzbone experienced an average bone mineral density increase of 18%.

A recent study on the bone health product Unibone (featuring Calzbone) is said to have also boosted bone mineral density in women.

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