Venezuela Approves Probiotic Distribution


Ganeden can market its friendly bacteria in the Latin American country.

Venezuela’s Ministry for Food Applications has approved the local sale of GanedenBC30, a patented probiotic strain from Ganeden Biotech (Cleveland). The company’s versatile ingredient should improve on current probiotic offerings in the country.

In order to conduct business in Venezuela, Ganeden has entered into a distribution agreement with Biotecnologia 3000 C.A., which will market the probiotic to Spanish-speaking consumers. GanedenBC30 is a strain of Bacillus coagulans that has added benefits of being able to survive harsh conditions, such as stomach pH, baking, freezing, boiling, and extended time on store shelves.

“There is a lot of opportunity in Venezuela for a probiotic such as GanedenBC30,” says Kristina Antonorsi, Biotecnologia general manager. “Probiotics have been used in Venezuela, but we have never been able to do the type of applications that GanedenBC30 is able to achieve.”

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