Valensa Offers First FDA GRAS Organic Spirulina


Valensa's organic spirulina is ready for foods and beverages, and its taste is mild.

Valensa International (Eustis, FL) says it has achieved the industry's first GRAS-confirmed organic spirulina with a "No Objection" letter from FDA.

The new FDA GRAS status allows product manufacturers to market Valensa spirulina in a variety of food applications, including beverages, breakfast cereals, frozen desserts, grain products and pastas, snack foods, and more. The maximum allowed usage for this spirulina is set at up to 3 g per serving.

Aside from the FDA GRAS status, Valensa is promoting its ingredient for mild taste. While organic spirulina tends to have a pronounced "green food" taste, Valensa says its organic spirulina offers a taste more comparable to non-organic spirulina--the result of a two-year flavor development program.

“Everyday, we are seeing interest in organic spirulina grow into the mainstream of consumers,” says Valensa CEO and president Rudi Moerck, PhD. “We want to work with food product developers and marketers to deliver the highest value, most consumer-appealing spirulina ingredient on the market.”

Valensa worked with AIBMR Life Sciences Inc. (Puyallup, WA) to achieve its FDA GRAS confirmation for spirulina.

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