Usage Expands for Beneo’s Digestive-Health Quality Symbol


More marketers are featuring the Orafti quality symbol on their food packaging.

More marketers are featuring the Orafti quality symbol on their food packaging, says the ingredient’s supplier Beneo (Manheim, Germany). Orafti inulin and oligofructose (prebiotic) ingredients are geared toward digestive health.

The Orafti mark, part of the Beneo Label Program, was developed 10 years ago and is meant to indicate that a food product contains a sufficient amount of Orafti inulin or oligofructose to support scientifically proven health and nutritional benefits.

Beneo points to the latest round of food manufacturers featuring the Orafti logo on their products. This summer, SPAR, a leading food retailer in Slovenia, launched a functional yogurt featuring the quality mark. Another brand, Newtree, features the symbol on its newly expanded range of chocolate spreads. Other manufacturers that also recently expanded the symbol’s use include Fructal for its Frutabela bar, Qualidess for its Vital desserts, and Buckwheat Healthcare Products for its Buckwheat Green Tea.

“The fact that our existing customers are choosing to expand the range of products which carry our Beneo Label is the best endorsement we could have of its value as a communication tool regarding digestive health,” says Tim Van der Schraelen, Beneo’s marketing communication manager.

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