USA and South Korea Establish Organic Equivalency


The agreement makes importing and exporting of organic products easier for both countries.

Effective today, the United States and South Korea have an organic equivalency arrangement, meaning organic food and beverage processors in the United States and South Korea can export their products to either country without needing additional certification. It’s the fourth such agreement signed between the United States and foreign entities under the current administration.

Last year, the United States sent an estimated $35 million worth of processed organic products to Korea. An organic equivalency agreement makes these imports a lot easier for companies who would otherwise have to file extra paper work, pay extra fees, and obtain organic certification from each country separately. The agreement covers a variety of processed products, but it does not extend to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Expect the USDA National Organic Program to host a teleconference later this month with more information on the agreement.


Robby Gardner

Associate Editor

Nutritional Outlook magazine

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