U.S. Dairy Export Council to Highlight Dairy Trends, Possibilities at IFT

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The group will unveil its 2012 food/beverage prototypes, which provide solutions for healthy snacking, simple labels, reduced sodium, and achieving higher protein diets.

Source: U.S. Dairy Export Council

Las Vegas, June 26, 2012- Vegas odds are stacked in favor of dairy this week at the Institute of Food Technologist 2012 Annual Meeting & Food Expo. A winning hand of food and beverage formulations to meet today’s consumer demands for more nutritious and flavorful foods are highlighted at the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) booth #1458. The USDEC Global Marketing Program is unveiling a collection of novel, on-trend applications using functional U.S. dairy ingredients in products that provide appealing options for the diverse needs of consumers. From June 26 – 28 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, attendees are encouraged to stop by USDEC booth #1458 for the latest in nutrition, consumer and product research.

Through dairy producer checkoff funded activities and affiliated organizations, USDEC connects industry with valuable resources such as the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy®, Dairy Research Institute®, Dairy Management Inc.™ and the National Dairy Council®. A vast network of resources and researchers will be on hand to assist companies on innovating new or improved products using U.S. dairy ingredients. 

The 2012 prototypes provide solutions for healthy snacking, simple labels, reduced sodium and achieving higher protein diets:

  • Protein Powered Hummus - Add substance to a snack or meal with this good source of protein (5 grams) and calcium (10% Daily Value) dip. This versatile side targets today’s label-savvy consumer who wants recognizable ingredients. Made with milk protein concentrate, it appeals to those looking for new protein sources. This prototype also interests older adults seeking improved nutrition, which can be achieved by consuming more protein throughout the day.
  • Dairy Protein Jerky Snack - This portable chewy snack, made with whey protein and whole milk, is dried and shaped to resemble beef jerky. It’s a good source of protein (9 grams) for any active consumer who wants a convenient and satisfying snack. Teriyaki marinade and a sprinkle of black pepper are sure to tickle your taste buds.
  • Dairy Mineral Thirst Quencher - This dairy-based rehydration beverage with naturally-occurring minerals from milk permeate is a good source of potassium, important for regulating fluid balance. Sodium and potassium are among the electrolytes lost during exercise and this beverage can help replenish. It is also important for athletes to maintain adequate calcium intake, and a single serving of this beverage provides 8% Daily Value of calcium. This thirst-quencher could be fortified with calcium (to reach 10% Daily Value) and positioned as an alternative to popular sports drinks and coconut water.
  • Savory Greek-style Yogurt- Going Greek? Why not throughout the entire day? This snack combines the delicious richness of Greek-style yogurt with savory vegetables and herbs. It has 22 grams of protein, 25% Daily Value of calcium and live and active cultures. This nutritious and flavorful powerhouse can be consumed with crackers, fresh veggies or simply a spoon.
  • Wellness Wafer - Consumers increasingly think of snacking as part of a healthy lifestyle and this wafer is a good source of protein (5 grams), unlike many other crackers. The combination of whey protein crisps for tasty protein crunch and flaxseed deliver on important health and wellness trends consumers seek. In addition, use of whey permeate keeps sodium levels down, with 80% less sodium than a similar cracker.
  • Citrus Crystal Ice - Sorbet calls up connotations of a low-fat treat, but what if it was also a good source of protein? This refreshingly cold snack provides 5 grams of protein in each serving, thanks to whey protein and buttermilk. Could this unique protein treat be the answer to more nutritious snacking?

Dairy-related presentations offer additional insights
The U.S. Dairy Export Council and affiliated organizations including the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy® and Dairy Research Institute® are set to participate in a number of presentations at this year’s show, including:

  • Life Cycle Assessment: From Farm to Table (June 27, 10:30 a.m., Room N114)
  • Emerging New Dairy Ingredient Applications (June 27, 1:30 p.m., Room N114)
  • The “Real, Fresh, Natural Foods” Trend: How to Win with Consumers (June 28, noon, 2012 IFT Food Expo Special Events Pavilion)
  • Breakfast in the 21st Century (June 28, 1:15 p.m., Room N111)

For more information about the market, product and nutrition research and application resources available to the food and beverage industry by USDEC Global Marketing Program, visit or