UK: Nestlé Confectionery Does Away With Artificial Ingredients

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The company's change affects 79 products, including Rolos and Smarties.

Nestlé U.K. (Croydon, Surrey, UK) has removed all artificial ingredients from its confectionery supply, according to a company announcement last Friday. The switch to natural ingredients makes Nestlé the only major U.K. confectionery company with a product portfolio 100% free of artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.

Nestlé says it made the switch after consumer research suggested that three quarters of Britons are seeking artificial-free confectionery. The change affects 79 products sold in the United Kingdom, including popular items such as Rolo and Smarties.

Carrot, hibiscus, radish, and lemon are some of the ingredients Nestlé is using as natural alternatives for color and flavor.

Similar initiatives are in the works for Canada and select European markets, says the company, but there’s no telling when the change will ever hit the U.S. market. Other U.S. candy manufacturers have tried and failed.