Two recent studies demonstrate the joint-protective effects of AmLexin


Two recent studies show that AmLexin may reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and protect cartilage from degradation. 

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Two recently published studies demonstrate the potential benefits of AmLexin (by Unigen; Tacoma, WA), a standardized blend of heartwood of Acacia catechu and the root bark of Morus alba. In a study published in the Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry1, the supplement was shown to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. In the 9-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 26 subjects were randomized to receive either 400 mg of Amlexin per day or placebo for 8 weeks during a training program, and for one week following a 13.1 mile half-marathon.

Results showed that subjects taking AmLexin experienced significantly lower levels of post-exercise pain one to three days following the half-marathon, compared to placebo. Additionally, those subjects experienced lower post-exercise oxidative stress and higher antioxidant capacity on days one and six following the half marathon.

A different pre-clinical study published in Nutrients2 explored the effects of AmLexin on inflammation and cartilage protection in rats with collagen induced arthritis. “Wear and tear of joint is characterized by progressive depletion of articular cartilage,” explained Qi Jia, PhD, Unigen’s chief scientific officer, in a press release. “Although there have been significant advances in scientific understanding of the cause of such loss of cartilage structure integrity and function, to date, there are no effective options to modify the progression of the depletion of articular cartilage. We believe these unmet needs could be bridged by nutrients and bioactive natural products.”

To this end, AmLexin may play a role. Results from the Nutrients study showed that the rats supplemented with AmLexin experienced a statistically significant reduction in joint symptomatic severity as well as improvements in catabolic biomarkers such as the collagen degradation biomarker uCTXII, and the inflammatory biomarkers IL-beta, TNF-alpha, and IL-6.


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2. Yimam M et al. “UP1306: A composition containing standardized extracts of Acacia catechu and Morus alba for arthritis management.” Nutrients, vol. 11, no. 2 (2019): 272

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