Turmeric Beverages, Yellow or Not (Slideshow)


Five turmeric beverages remind us that turmeric is marketable in beverage form.

Beverage manufacturers can’t ignore turmeric, anymore. Published studies are piling on the Indian root-exploring everything from arthritis relief and cancer prevention to overall health and wellness-and turmeric is already trending in dietary supplements. But the deep yellow-orange pigment of turmeric isn’t a problem in capsules and tablets; in beverages, it can be a real nuisance.

Perhaps giving in to nutritious turmeric, beverage manufacturers are suddenly marketing a lot of turmeric tonics with that difficult-to-avoid yellow-orange tone, which is at least a clear indication to consumers that turmeric is in the product. The trend towards turmeric is resulting in an almost predictable list of other ingredients with complementary flavors and colors. Beverage makers are finding interesting and unusual ways, however, to distinguish their turmeric beverages from others, and the end result is a fun category full of options.

In an act of defiance, though, one ingredient supplier has developed a turmeric ingredient without the root’s strong pigment. Sabinsa Corp. (East Windsor, NJ) revealed its C3 Reduct turmeric ingredient last year, and this off-white curcumin powder is standardized for turmeric’s key compounds called curcuminoids. There’s wonder as to which companies are already using this ingredient in beverages; right now, it looks as though most are just embracing the yellow-orange.

For a look at some of the beverage companies diving headfirst into turmeric, continue to the next page. Before we begin, take a look at TurmericAlive, whose bold turmeric-in-every-product lineup would have any health food manufacture shaking in its boots.


Robby Gardner
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook magazine


Photo © iStockphoto.com/Kenishirotie

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