TSI Group, Cargill Agree on Rights to Vegan Glucosamine


The amendment outlines how TSI Group can use Cargill's patented plant-based glucosamine technology.

Cargill Inc. (Minneapolis), TSI Group Ltd. (Shanghai), and TSI USA Inc. (Missoula, MT) have amended a settlement agreement on Cargill’s patented technology for producing plant-based glucosamine. The technology is the basis for Cargill’s manufacture of Regenasure glucosamine.

TSI Group does not acknowledge liability to Cargill, according to a joint press release, but TSI Group licensed several of Cargill’s patents and agrees that they are valid and enforceable.

An amendment to the agreement allows TSI Group to import and sell a specified quantity of vegan glucosamine in the United States and Canada; elsewhere, TSI Group can sell the glucosamine without time and volume restrictions, except in Brazil.

“The amended licensing agreement will provide both companies the opportunities to grow and support the vegetarian glucosamine market on a global basis,” says TSI Group CEO Joe Zhou.

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