Tests Show Antiaging Efficacy of Camu Camu


Camu camu is an Amazonian fruit known for its high levels of vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants.

Amazon Origins LLC, a producer of sustainable superfood ingredients, recently completed tests that the company says demonstrate the antiaging efficacy of its camu camu (Myrciaria dubia). Camu camu is an Amazonian fruit known for its high levels of vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants.

Testing was performed by Brunswick Laboratories (Southborough, MA). Tests included Total ORAC, the 5-radical antioxidant panel, and new cell-based efficacy tests, which demonstrate whether or not substances-including complex natural products like camu camu-work in a live cellular environment.

The companies tested camu camu in many forms, including whole fruits, puree, and freeze-dried powder. According to the companies, for each form, tests showed camu camu to have a higher Total ORAC score than any other fruits tested.

For example, Total ORAC results for the whole fruit were 2600/g, compared to 500/g for blackberry, the next-highest Total ORAC-score fruit. For the freeze-dried powder, Total ORAC results were 52,000/g, which is more than six times higher than the score for acai freeze-dried powder and comparable to bilberry, cocoa, and mangosteen extracts.

Brunswick Laboratories also tested the camu camu freeze-dried powder using antioxidation, anti-inflammatory, and UV-protection cell-based tests, all of which showed positive results. Specifically, the companies said that camu camu was shown to significantly reduce cellular free radical activity, inhibit the inflammatory agent NFkB, and reduce UV-induced free radicals in the skin. It outperformed freeze-dried acai in two of three tests and performed well or better than grape seed and cocoa extracts in all three tests, done on a dose-equivalent basis.

“We are pleased with the results of these important tests,” said Jeff Moats, founder and president of Amazon Origins. “They establish camu camu as a leading superfruit and provide important preclinical evidence that all-natural camu camu works to fight against oxidative stress and inflammation and support antiaging in our bodies.”

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