Taura’s Fruit Products Found to Have Low GI Benefits


Tests on URC concentrated fruit products show they provide a slow release of energy.

A recent independent analysis on two JusFruit URC concentrate products from Taura Natural Ingredients (Winchester, VA) have confirmed that they exhibit low glycemic index benefits and provide a slow, steady release of energy.

Naturally high in fructose, JusFruit URC Apple Strawberry and JusFruit URC Mixed Berry – two of Taura’s best-selling fruit concentrates – were found to help sustain blood glucose levels while controlling hunger. The findings open the door to EU health claims on products made using Taura’s URC fruit because they dovetail with the European Commission’s recently adopted EFSA-approved health claim that “Consumption of foods containing fructose leads to a lower blood glucose rise compared to foods containing sucrose or glucose.”

Taura’s URC fruit products are process using a technique that concentrates blends of heat sensitive, viscous fruit or vegetable purees to less than 10% moisture in 60 seconds. The processing provides consistent product quality without influencing flavors, colors, or nutritional characteristics.

The company will highlight the products and the new research at Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) in November.

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