Taura Talks About Water Activity and Fruit Inclusions


Learn how fruit pieces influence product shelf life with Taura's new white paper.

Taura Natural Ingredients (Winchester, VA) has a new white paper that explains how water activity influences fruit pieces in finished products. The document also details how Taura’s own fruit inclusions address this common obstacle.

Fruit has natural water content, which can trouble the manufacturing of dry foods such as cookies and cereals with incorporated fruit pieces. If water escape’s the fruit’s matrix, fruit color can bleed into the rest of the product; fruit pieces can harden; and mold can thrive. To mitigate the risk of water escaping the fruit, Taura says manufacturer’s must mitigate this transfer of water out of the fruit.

To keep its fruit pieces at their lowest possible water activity, Taura uses an Ultra Rapid Concentration (URC) technology that employs “physical and mechanical forces” to remove water from fruit purées and blends. In just 60 seconds, the company says, its process drops fruit’s moisture content to less than 10%. The lower water activity can result in foods that maintain their crunchy textures, and fruit pieces that maintain their original taste, color, and nutritional contents.

Taura URC fruit ingredients are available in pieces, flakes, and pastes of real fruit. They can be stored at ambient room temperature and should keep for at least 12 months. To learn more about the details of water activity, read the free white paper.

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