Tate & Lyle wins best new functional ingredient concept


Tate & Lyle’s Quince apple Enrich among the winners at the 2011 Beverage Innovation Functional Drinks Awards.

At the 2011 Beverage Innovation Functional Drinks Awards, Tate & Lyle won ‘best new functional ingredient concept’ for its Quince apple Enrich drink developed for the European market. The awards, held in Washington, DC, honored the beverage market’s best innovations and received over 150 entries from 22 countries.

With Quince apple Enrich, Tate & Lyle aimed to create a drink that tastes great but also helps consumers to manage their weight and maintain healthy intestinal functions. Recent surveys conducted by Tate & Lyle show that fiber heads up the list of nutrients that European consumers believe they lack, and a lot of those consumers are actively looking for food and drinks that are lower in sugar or calories.

“This award is great recognition of our ingredient and formulation expertise in the field of health and wellness,” said Isabelle Routier, applications manager Europe, Speciality Food Ingredients. “It also shows how we are always looking at innovating and developing new prototypes for our customer.”

The Quince apple Enrich drink has 40% fewer calories than regular full-sugar juice drinks, and delivers a ‘high in fiber’ claim with 7.5 grams of fiber per 250 ml serving, without altering the taste. Tate & Lyle have achieved this by using soluble Sta-Lite Polydextrose fibre and a combination of Splenda Sucralose and Fructopure Fructose to give a high-quality fruit taste.


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