Tate & Lyle Gets Rights to Texturizing Protein Technology

The company made an agreement with Nandi Proteins Ltd.

Tate & Lyle (London) has signed an agreement with Nandi Proteins Ltd. (Edinburgh, Scotland) to use Nandi Protein’s early-stage protein ingredient technology for texturizing foods and beverages. The agreement will cover worldwide use of the technology for these categories, as Nandi Proteins will retain its rights to use the technology for pharmaceuticals.

“We look forward to further developing Nandi’s food ingredient technology which has the potential to be an excellent addition to our texturant offerings,” says Tate & Lyle open innovation manager John Stewart. “This agreement represents another example of Tate & Lyle’s open innovation team successfully developing strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with early-stage companies.”

Nandi Proteins is a company formed out of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.