Synergistic blend of fructooligosaccharide and L-theanine supports memory in recent study


A recent study found that the combination of fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and L-theanine, marketed as GBL-Memory from Green Bioactives, based in Edinburgh, Scotland was able to support memory in both animals and humans.

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A recent study1 found that the combination of fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and L-theanine (GBL-Memory from Green Bioactives, based in Edinburgh, Scotland) was able to support memory in both animals and humans. In animals, researchers found that FOS and L-theanine acted synergistically to improve memory in mice but the response was dose dependent. For example, synergy was found during the passive avoidance test at low and medium doses, but at a high dose, FOS and L-theanine acted antagonistically.

In the human trial, 120 participants were given either placebo or the combination of FOS and L-theanine, twice per day for one month. Memory was assessed before and after the one month trial using the Clinical Memory Scale (CMS). Results showed that all aspects of memory tested at the end of the trial showed significant increases compared to baseline. These include direct memory, associate learning, graphic memory, recognition of meaningless images, and portrait retrieval. When compared to baseline, those taking the combination of FOS and L-theanine has significantly higher scores in direct memory, graphic memory, and portrait retrieval after the trial. Total memory and memory quotient also saw significant increases in the treatment group compared to placebo.

“GBL-Memory represents a significant advancement in the realm of cognitive enhancement, offering a natural and effective solution for individuals looking to optimize their brain health and cognitive performance,” said Yuan Li, PhD, one of the study’s co-authors in a press release.

"We are thrilled to announce the successful clinical validation and launch of Green Bioactives’ innovative GBL-Memory comprising our proprietary blend of L-theanine and Fructooligosaccharides,” said David McElroy, PhD, CEO of Green Bioactives, in a press release. “This milestone underscores our commitment to advancing natural, scientifically backed solutions for better health and wellbeing. The significant improvements reported across diverse cognitive areas affirms the potential of GBL-Memory1 to make a meaningful positive impact on enhancing memory and to contribute towards improving overall brain function."


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