Synbiotic product from Enviromedica combines spore-forming probiotics and food-based prebiotics


Enviromedica (Austin, TX) has launched Terraflora, a broad-spectrum synbiotic, blend multiple soil-based, spore-forming microbes with diverse prebiotics. 


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Enviromedica (Austin, TX) has launched Terraflora, a broad-spectrum synbiotic (product containing both probiotics and prebiotics). Terraflora blends multiple soil-based, spore-forming microbes with diverse prebiotics.

The star microbial strains are the proprietary Ribospore (Bacillus pumilus) and Bacillus megaterium EM144 that, when combined, says the company, generate highly bioavailable, gastric-stable carotenoids as well as 300-500 times more riboflavin (vitamin B12) than a typical microbial strain. Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus clausii, and Bacillus coagulans round out the multi-strain probiotic biocomplex. Terraflora also contains certified organic prebiotics designed to support the intestinal flora with naturally occurring, food-based polyphenols and polysaccharides sourced from wild-harvested seaweeds, mushroom fruiting bodies, and humic acid.

Research has shown that probiotic strains within the same genus or group provide different benefits, says the company, and therefore combining multiple Bacillus strains brings balance to the product. “Terraflora synbiotic incorporates two new, branded Bacillus strains,” says Enviromedica CEO, Jared Ramirez, in a press release. “We are also the first to introduce these species to the market with GRAS affirmation-they are guaranteed for potency, and DNA verified. And the additional Bacillus strains are blended to support, complement, and add diversity to the formula.”

The prebiotics fuel the probiotics, ensuring successful propagation, proliferation, and delivery of the bacteria to the lower intestine. Additionally, Terraflora has a natural seed-like structure that encases the bacteria, protecting them against degradation by stomach acid so that they may reach the lower GI tract alive. The product is shelf stable, vegan, and non-GMO; made without stearates, fillers, binders, or flow agents; and free of dairy, wheat yeast, gluten, shellfish, egg, corn, soy, and nuts.

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