Sweet Green Fields Patents Fast Stevia Extraction Method


With its Fast Precipitation Process, Sweet Green Fields says it can produce high-purity stevia in as little as half the time needed of conventional methods.

Stevia supplier Sweet Green Fields LLC (Bellingham, WA) says it has patented a natural stevia extraction method that works significantly faster than conventional methods.

Dubbed the Fast Precipitation Process, the company’s process can produce high-purity Reb A powder (95% and higher) from middle-grade stevia extract in an estimated 33–50% less time than alternative methods. The all-natural process uses water and food grade ethanol for extraction rather than methanol or wood alcohol. It is even suitable for organic-compliant food and beverage products.

While the company’s extraction process yields a high-purity, sweet-tasting Reb A product, Sweet Green Fields vice president of science, Mel Jackson, says the process further impresses by allowing manipulation of the final purity grade.

“This pioneer process is the first to allow for tuning of the desired purity of the resulting product,” said Jackson in an interview with Nutritional Outlook. “Sweet Green Fields researchers have found that by carefully manipulating the extraction solvent composition, the yield for a desired-purity final product can be maximized. This gives absolute flexibility in the production of desired products that suit market needs, either for various consuming regions or various formulation targets.

For more information, visit Sweet Green Fields online at www.sweetgreenfields.com.

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