SupplySide West Preview: Fiber Concepts, Greens Concepts

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See what BI Nutraceuticals can do with its sophisticated fibers and green plant blends.

BI Nutraceuticals will be sampling products made from a selection of the company’s most popular functional ingredient offerings including:

·      A protein bar with a whey honey blend, a rice protein honey blend, and Psyberloid  psyllium fiber, which can boost fiber content and provide texture. The concept provides 8 g of protein and 1 g of fiber.

·      A wild berry smoothie with an organic greens blend (barley grass powder, wheat grass powder, alfalfa herb powder, broccoli powder, and spinach leaves powder) and green tea extract. The smoothie contains 100mg of polyphenols.

·      A tropical citrus smoothie with an organic greens blend and yerba mate. Th smoothie provides 75 mg of caffeine.

BI Nutraceuticals
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