SupplySide West Preview: Chia, Flax, and More


Glanbia's new prototypes use grains in interesting ways.

At SupplySide West, Glanbia Nutritionals will be all about promoting food and beverage prototypes with various functional and nutritious ingredients. An acai ancient grain smoothie will be fortified with branded chromium picolinate, choline, and curcumin peptones (which the company says improve curcumin solubility and delivery). The additions of BevGrad chia and SelectSorghum Pre-Gel add mouthfeel, suspension, and nutrition to the beverage.

Another grain-centric prototype will be chocolate toffee flax bars fortified with GanedenBC30 probiotics and BevGrad super-fine milled flax. The addition of Optisol 2000, another specially designed flax, provides binding properties for this sugar-reduced treat.


Glanbia Nutritionals
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