SupplySide West: Cerule’s Cyactiv Is a Unique Spirulina Algae Ingredient


The ingredient uniquely contains both spirulina’s phycocyanin and non-phycocyanin compounds.

Microalgae-ingredients supplier Cerule (Klamath Falls, OR) has ditched its old name, Desert Lake Technologies. At SupplySide West, the company unveiled its new corporate image, along with its new spirulina extract, Cyactiv.

Cerule describes Cyactiv’s unique benefits to inflammation as a “five-pronged effect” that stems from the ingredient’s unique makeup. The ingredient contains both spirulina’s phycocyanin and non-phycocyanin compounds (proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, etc.), which the company says enables the ingredient to provide “systemic” inflammation management. For instance, Cyactiv’s phycocyanin compounds help inhibit the activity of inflammatory enzymes COX-2, but its non-phycocyanin compounds also play a role in inhibiting the inflammatory enzyme lipoxygenase. Cyactiv has also been shown to reduce production of prostaglandins, the messaging compounds that contribute to physical discomfort, and helps protect cells from oxidative stress and inhibits free radical production. As such, human studies in health populations on Cyactiv show that the ingredient alleviates mild-to-moderate discomfort in the joints and muscles during physical activity and at rest.

Of the company’s name change, Greg Newman, president of Cerule, talked about the decision to change the company’s name to Cerule instead of its former nod to the company’s algae production in Klamath Falls (the “Desert Lake”).

“The change from Desert Lake Technologies to Cerule comes at a defining moment in our company’s history,” said Newman via press release. “Cerule created a new category of scientifically researched, safe, potent, high-quality, and efficacious microalgae-based ingredients called ‘Algaceuticals.’ By taking on the Cerule name, we differentiate ourselves as the developers of our unique blue-green algae extracts and better market our product offerings as we continue to expand to outside markets.”


Jennifer Grebow
Nutritional Outlook magazine



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